Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello new week.
Hello blahs.
Hello 39 degrees...weren't you 86 last week?
Hello fresh start.
Hello two year old tantrums.
Hello God's grace to meet my day.

Hello laundry. Dishes. Papers. 
Hello chicken nuggets for lunch. 
Hello odd cravings...
Mexican Tortilla Soup, 
Capri Sun, 
Gummy Bears.
Hello nap time...I've missed you. 
Hello little boy kisses. 
Hello sweet lunchtime phone call.
Hello piano practiced, right?

Hello soft baby girl kicks inside my belly.
Hello Country Pork Chops for dinner.
Hello my were missed. 
Hello hugs.
Hello my brighten my day. 
Thanks for loving on my boy. 
Hello joy. Peace. Patience. 
Thanks for fruit in my life, Lord. 

Hello American Pickers. 
Hello Johnson & Johnson smelling boy. 
Hello warm jammies.
Hello bed time snacks.
Hello hope. 
Hello dreams. 


Kelly said...

So sweet!

Ashley said...

Somehow I missed that you were having a girl... or I forgot. :) But, either way, congrats!! Little girls are so fun!

ginanorma said...

Well Hello! And adorable post!!! So clever!