Monday, January 26, 2009

10 Pounds Down

Yay! Today was the first day that the scale was actually looking how I wanted it to! I've been trying since my wedding in October to start losing some weight, and have been doing really well since about the first week in January. Getting through the holidays was harder, but I just wanted to maintain- which I was able to. But then after New Year's (and Colleen got engaged!), I decided to really step into high gear.
My goal is 5 pounds each month until the wedding or until I hit my goal weight, and then to stay there! My sister Katie and my Mom have both been VERY inspiring to me as I have seen them lose weight and get fit over the last few years. They look great!!
Here's what I'm doing: Eating LOTS of vegetables and fruits
Trading chips/crackers for rice cakes topped w/ PB & Jam
I love veggies and hummus, so that's my go to snack now
Working more low-fat, high fiber and whole grain foods into our diet
Doing Biggest Loser videos from On Demand (cable)
It's exciting to see the results on the scale and a motivation to keep going!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today is my 26th birthday! I think what is the coolest thing about my birthday, is that my niece Addisyn was born just the day before....she's a pretty awesome present if you ask me!
When I found out that Katie was pregnant and that she was due on my birthday I was so excited and felt really special to get to share that time of year with a new little person in our family. I think I knew Katie would have a girl even before she told us!! Because it was kind of a difficult time in my life, I think God really used this special time in Katie & Ryan's life in becoming new parents, to also be a very neat, personal, and special blessing in my own life.
Addisyn Paige was born January 9th a beautiful and healthy little girl, and over the past 2 years she has wrapped our entire family around her finger, and holds a very special place in this auntie's heart! We share very close birthdays and the same middle name...something I am honored by! I am so thankful for the little life that God sent to use in my own life at a crucial time...his blessings are unfathomable! And even though Addie is still too little to know, I will always think of her as the best birthday present ever, because of the sweet and beautiful little girl she is!
I love that Addie is her own little person and that we can see her personality shining through at such a small age. She glows, she has the goofiest and sweetest smile, she's got attitude and spunk, she is spirited and loving, and I am awed by the way God gives us joy through little people who don't even speak in sentences yet! The way Addie runs and wiggles her bottom, the way she lines things up in a highly sophisticated and organized way, the way she plays coy are all little ways that we see her individuality come out and sparkling personality shine through. She is her own girl and she is special!
As I get older and birthdays aren't quite as exhilarating as they were as a kid, I look forward to watching Addie grow into the person God created her to be and know I will enjoy marking the years go by with each January 9 & 10 that come and go.
Addisyn, you are a sweet, special, lovely little girl and I love you! You bring joy and smiles even from miles away in your home, and I am thankful for the gift that you are to your mom & dad, your big families, and especially to me! Happy Birthday to you from me....MWA!