Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready for Spring

Hooray for the arrival of March! There is hope that winter will end soon, and it's been nice to see the sun shining outside alot more lately. Even thought it's still cold out, I'm looking forward to being able to get outside more often and enjoy the sunshine.

Josh and I had a busy February, and we're headed to Ohio this weekend for a much needed getaway and to spend time with Katie, Ryan, and Addisyn! We enjoyed the Couples Retreat over the weekend of the 6th at church. We played Buzz Word, watched Fireproof, and on Saturday heard some great thoughts from a man at Bridge to Life Ministries about the roles in marriage.

On Valentine's Day Josh came home with bagels for breakfast and a beautiful bouquet of pink gerber daisies. We had my parents and younger brothers over in the evening for Wet Burritos and a good time spending time together.

The next weekend was a looong one for us both- the Junior High All Nighter, overnight from 7pm Friday to 8am Saturday morning. We had a good time playing games with the kids and playing flash light hide and go seek in the church. Josh and I went home and slept until 4 in the afternoon after staying up all night!

The month went by so quickly it's hard to believe it's March already, but I'm thankful for the cold winter months coming to an end and can't wait to get out there and find spring has arrived. Saint Patrick's Day is almost here and Easter will be right around the corner. Enjoy the coming days of sunshine and flowers!