Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What He's Up To...

Things Mommy Hears Me Say...

"I not weally wike"

"What dat noise?"

"Why daddy beep?" 
(why did daddy burp....asked randomly throughout the day. While Josh is working...)

"Where mommy's/daddy's car-ee?"

(after something totally impressive, of course)

"I meees _______!"
(He misses lots of things lately...daddy, grammie, the horse at Meijer)

"What daddy dooo-ing?"

"Where daddy go?"

Things I Love....

Maner and M'Keeeen
(Tow-Mater and McQueen)

Grammie and Papa...and Grammie's cookies
(those cookies have major power...proven to cure any toddler ailment!)

(aka...Auntie Bri, also "Where Bri car-ee?")

Naming his aunties, uncles, cousins, and friends when we look at pictures on the fridge

Giving kisses...even to the sweet girls in, lady's man??

Standing on his Cars 2 chair or the step-stool to open doors, turn the lights on and off...
make trouble!

Helping mommy with the broom and shoveling snow with daddy

My Favorite Shows....

Curious George

(mommy loves that...not!)


Cars 2

Thomas the Tank Engine

Things I Can Do Now...

Put my own socks and shoes on

Jump with both feet off the ground

Go up and down the stairs

Melt hearts with his smile

Say "Bye-Bye"and wave as we leave a store, Grammie and Papa's, or the church nursery

Trouble I've Made Recently....

Dumped all of mommy's Rolled Oats throughout the house while she was showering

Dug out the inside of a candle

Ate most of my crayons

Took my pants and diaper off...and hid under a blanket

Things That Melt Mommy's Heart...

His smile

Hearing him say "Kay, Mommy"

Watching him learn and grow into such a sweet little boy

When he kisses mommy's belly...he knows there's a baby in there!

Kisses and hugs after naptime

The way he adores his daddy

His big, brown eyes

The zest for life that he has...every single day

"I wuv you!"

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Ashley said...

This is such a sweet post. Great way to document everything.