Friday, September 23, 2011


There are few of us in this world today that can truthfully say they have never experienced brokenness. It touches each life at one point or another. Whether through divorce, abuse, losing a child, betrayal....the grim list goes on and on, but we've all felt it. 

We wrestle with the questions that plague our minds....
the ones that won't seem to hush as our weary heads hit the pillow.
We seek answers. We seek control over our vulnerability. We seek anything that could somehow justify what we have experienced. We want to know that what has happened mattered.
That it matters to someone, anyone besides just us. 

It does. 

The right kind of love gives strength. It covers a multitude of sins. It gives hope where we had none. 
It allows us to live courageously.
Because we begin to learn that in our own strength, we are the broken. We live in fear. 
Fear of being hurt, fear of being vulnerable, fear of trusting, of trying....of failing. 
But when we live by a different strength....we can do all things.

We can choose forgiveness and find it flowing freely from our hearts.
We can choose grace and give it abundantly to those who have hurt us. 
We can choose courage to press on when the days are hard and our emotions are raw.

We can do this because God makes us new.
 Death touches all things...marriages, homes, relationships, trust, hope...those things all have the ability to die.
But when you know Him in a real, personal way God gives new life....
because Jesus conquered death. 

That means you can choose to forget too.

You will still find yourself at times remembering the brokenness. But it won't own you anymore. 
Not when you choose to be strong and courageous....
not when you choose to forget what is behind you, and reach-strive-strain for what is to come.

I know this is true.
It's the story of my life.

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Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Wow. Beautiful post. Encouraging. *sigh* Refreshing even. Thank you sweet friend.


Changing Lanes said...

your new photos look great!! :))