Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank Heaven for Garbage Trucks

Dear Mr. Garbage Truck Driver,

I am writing to say thank you for the 15 minutes you buy me every Tuesday between 10:30 and 10:45am. If you look closely, you'll see an adorable little boy- not quite 3 feet tall- fascinated by the mechanical arm on your garbage truck. He listens intently as you drive closer and closer up the street to our house. He watches in wonder as you pull up in front of our driveway with your engine revving and pistons pumping. He stares in awe as you make your way down the street, stopping at house after house collecting trash from those big, brown barrels.

And this, Mr. Garbage Man, is why I love you so!! 
For 15 minutes every Tuesday, my busy bee, 
my tornado of activity
my dumper of all things dumpable...
He stays in one place. 

Suddenly, the dishwasher gets unloaded without toy cars flying down the door-turned-race track. Suddenly, the towels get hung up and the bed gets made. Before you know it, this mama has her morning chores done and can sit on the floor next to her little man soaking up the moment...you know, the moment where the biggest thing in his world is how cool your truck is. 
It's the moment where this mama remembers "people over projects" and thinks about how next week when you come, maybe little man and I will just stand and watch your truck together!

**So thanks, Mr. Garbage Truck Driver...from your biggest fan's happy mama**


Anonymous said...

Okay...this MUST be published...you are amazing Maureen. You need to write a kids book and publish it. You could do a series starting with "Thank You Mister Garbage Truck Driver"..... Okay, that's my challenge to you today. Start the "
wheels" rolling girlie. I want a plan by the time I fly back into town in two weeks!!! From your loving Pastor's wife who has a great deal of admiration for you. :-)

katie said...

Love this so much! It reminds me of when my oldest who is now 8 used to climb on top of our sofa to see over our fence and watch the trash man. Love your narration of this! And as a mom of 3 boys, I get the treasure of having any distraction that will get your kids to stand still for more than 5 seconds! Your guy is adorable. : )