Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spring Wreath Makeover

About this time of year I start to envision myself as a Paul Revere of Autumn. I want to yell through the neighborhood as loud and excitedly as I can " Fall is Coming...Fall is Coming!!" But I also care what people think about I usually just hang a wreath on my door and call it good. **wink**

I found this great tutorial recently and was inspired to make my own version for fall using some autumn leaf garlands and an old & dusty floral wreath that was screaming for an upgrade. You can check out the original wreath tutorial here.

Here's my sad spring wreath with the squished white flowers:

I knew that I wanted to personalize our front door wreath this time around, so I found a wooden letter P in Michael's $1 section. This is what it looked like before...

and after I painted it....

and after I bedazzled it with chocolate brown felt mini pom-poms!!

Then I removed all of the white flowers and greenery from the wreath. This is what remained:

A wonderfully blank canvas ready for some fall fabulous-ness!!

I took my fall garlands (you can find these at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and even the dollar store), and wrapped them loosely around the wreath. I hot glued some of the leaves into place to cover empty spots and areas where the stems were showing through. 

Did I mention I *heart* Fall??

Once the leaf garland was in place, I hot glued my chocolate brown "P" ( ok, that sounds ridiculous but unfortunately my last name's not Jones!) to the wreath and added some yo-yo and rolled flowers for extra pretty factor!

Here's the finished project:

The rest of my fall decoration- pumpkins, acorn dishes, cinnamon apple candles- will make their debut after Labor Day. Even though I'm more than itching to get them out right now!!
Watch for my Why I Love Fall series in the coming weeks and enjoy these last few days of summery bliss!

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