Thursday, September 1, 2011


For as long as I can remember I have been collecting buttons. As a little girl I would pick out buttons from my Grandma Dot's stash when my family was down to Ohio for a visit. I would lie on the bed next to a big pile of buttons inspecting each one over and over- and making sure my little sister didn't pick the ones I wanted! They were all so pretty- some itty bitty and some really big- but I loved them all, and I still do.


What I really love though are the old ones. The vintage ones that still have old thread attached and wear around the edges. They tell a story of days gone by that intrigues me! Where have those buttons been? Who wore them? What did they see along the way? I treasure them because they remind me of a simpler and slower time of life. A time when people knew their neighbors and baked yummy apple pies from scratch. 
Vintage buttons remind me of my great-grandma and her flowered aprons, warm sugar cookies, and antique furniture. 

Nowadays you can find me digging through my button collection trying to find the perfect one to pretty up a handmade headband or ruffle flower pin...and those same buttons inspire me to try. Try to do something creative. Try to make something new and pretty out of something old and worn. And they just make me happy! And how can I not be when I've got beauties like these looking at me?


What inspires you these days??

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Anonymous said...

What fun buttons!

Kassie said...

Those are great buttons! And you can do so many things with buttons!

Shelly of The Daisy Diarie's! said...

Hi miss Maureen!
These buttons are all fabulous!
Too pretty!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Shelly xo

katie said...

1. I am envious that you have a collection. I collected spoons (hmmm) as a kid from different places we visited, but have never had a collection as an adult.
2. I love your memories of collecting them as a little girl. Very sweet.
3. I wish I had the ability to whip up a headband. : )