Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Polderman Family A to Z

A: age:: Mo and Josh- 28; Blake- 17 months

B: bed size:: Queen for the mama and daddy. Crib for the little.

C: chore you hate:: doing dishes, mowing the lawn, picking up

D: dogs:: someday (maybe)

E: everyday essential:: makeup. Android. Milk.

F: favorite color:: blue

G: girl or boy:: girl, boy, boy

H: height:: 5' 6". 5' 10". 2' 10"

I: instruments you play:: piano. guitar. kitchen bowls and toy piano

J: job title:: mama, piano teacher, blog writer. daddy, CAD Drafter. toddler, kiss giver, hammer pounder, tantrum thrower

K: kind of snack:: chocolate. chips & cheese. goldfish crackers.

L: live:: near Grand Rapids, MI!

M: must watch:: NCIS and Duggers. NCIS and American Pickers. Bobby( Barney) , Thomas the Tank Engine, and Veggie Tales

N: nicknames:: Mo, Josh, Blakers

O: olives:: black only, by the can

P: pet peeve:: slow drivers, politicians, the word "no-no"

Q: quote::
" The good news about Jesus is that He comes to all, including the plain and ordinary. He comes to anyone with a heart humble enough to accept Him. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can have Jesus in your life. Don't think you need extraordinary qualifications- He accepts you as you are." ~ Max Lucado

R: righty or lefty:: all righty (as far as we can tell!)

S: siblings:: 4 sisters, 3 brothers. 1 sister, 1 brother. 0 sisters, 0 brothers- for now ;)

T: time you wake up:: between 8 & 9. 5:30ish. around 6 and around 8-9.

U: university attended:: GRCC, PCC. Cornerstone University, GRCC. school of cuteness.

V: vegetables you dislike:: none!. most!. most besides sweet potato and carrots.

W: winter:: like it til my birthday!. dislike it since the snowblower died. never heard of it!

X: x-factor (an unknown, but vital quality):: problem solver. remembers everyone he meets. can melt hearts.

Y: yummy food:: pasta and bread. Monte Cristo. blueberries, cheese, and goldfishies

Z: zoo animal fave:: tigers, lions, monkeys

Now it's your turn...pick a letter (or 2!) and leave a comment with your answer! I love getting to know you!! Enjoy this sweet day **

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