Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our $150 Bathroom Makeover

When Josh and I bought our first home almost 2 years ago, we weren't looking for all the bells and whistles. Our goal was to find a starter house that we could make our own over the course of a few years. Let's just say we've done some projects we didn't think we'd be doing so soon, and some projects we thought we'd be doing...well, they're still on the to-do list!

But we recently finished a much-needed makeover on our home's one and only bathroom. The entire house had a nasty 80's vibe going on, with country blue and mauve everything- mini blinds, speckled counter tops, zig-zag wallpaper, even the shower curtain! The bathroom was what I'll call "country kitchen chic"-you can see for yourself....

Yes. That is an oak wood toilet seat. It went with the vanity, mirror cabinet, towel holders...do I sense a theme here?!

I try to look for inspiration in the little things when I'm planning how to redecorate a room. Sometimes that's a piece of fabric, a knick-knack, or a picture. For the bathroom, it was a little sign I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 when we still lived in our apartment. I knew that it was exactly the direction I wanted to go in!

I love the simplicity. The shabby chic-ness. The gospel truth that Yes, happiness is a hot bath! And this is where we ended up when it was all said and done:

And here's how we completely changed the look of our bathroom for just $150!!
1. Paint- Custom color Behr paint from Home Depot : $35

* This may have actually cost slightly more given the fact that we brought home like a bazillion of those little $3 sample cans before finding the right shade*

2. White toilet seat- Costco: $14.99
3. Shower Curtain- Aldi: $9.99

(Never underestimate finding great things in odd places! I wouldn't have thought of buying a shower curtain at a grocery store, but there it was!)

4. Vanity Light- Home Depot: $34.99
5. Towel Bars & T.P. Holder- Home Depot: $14.99- $19.99

We painted the vanity and nabbed the black mirror we already had from our bedroom. It still could use some additional storage, but over all I'm so happy with how the bathroom turned out!


Kyle said...

wow! this looks amazing! good job, girl!

Rachael said...

This Looks fantastic, Mo!