Wednesday, August 3, 2011

About Face

Once upon a time, I read a really neat post by one of my favorite bloggers ( you can check her out here) showing her morning makeup routine- pictures and all. I'm not so brave yet as to show you my face with no makeup... so my pictures today are brought to you courtesy of Avon's website. This is also where I put in a shameless plug for my littlest sister's thriving Avon business! Bri is my go-to-girl for all things makeup and jewelry, and I will admit that my heart does skip a beat every other week when I get a new Avon catalog. You can check out her site by following the link above!

So here's a little peek into my makeup bag...

Jillian Dempsey Corrector Palette- Light Shades:
I love the four different colors of concealer in this one little gem! I use the yellow and neutral colors for under eye circles and the pink one is uh-mazing for covering up any red areas (read obnoxious zits).

Smooth Minerals Liquid and Powder Foundations- Nude
These are some of the BEST foundations I have ever worn, and I *heart* them- truly, madly, and deeply. The coverage is great and they stay put most of the day. I like to wear the Powder Foundation through the summer, and then will switch to the
Liquid once the weather gets cooler (and my skin gets drier).

Smooth Minerals Blush- Hearty Peach
Blush and I have an ongoing battle of the's extremely hard for me to find the right shade.
Maybe because I'm a freckled, red-headed pale person?? I really love this shade though...and again, the Smooth Minerals stuff is so D-vine to wear!

True Color Eyeshadow Quad- In Every Color They Make!
Ok, so I don't have all of them (yet!). But I do have quite a few. I use some of the shades in the Sandy Corals Quad to fill in my "yes, they are there" eyebrows. My current favorites are the Purple Haze and the Denim Blues Quads...they're great for doing smoky eyes, and make me feel like a rock-star.

Ultra Luxury Eyeliner and SuperShock Mascara
It depends what color Quad I'm using, but for the most part I just wear Dark Brown eyeliner. I do have a Midnight Blue that I wear alot too. Carmindy says it makes brown eyes POP! So I try...My mascara is usually Brown/Black because plain black looks kinda harsh on me!

SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine- In Popsicle
Love, love, love this new lip stuff they just came out with! It's not sticky, and the color lasts way longer than some of my other lip gloss. I wasn't sure about the shade when I ordered it- I thought it might be too pink and bright...but I absolutely LOVE it! It feels so girly and fun, and I think it just shouts *Summertime*.

And that just about does it I guess! There's alot of other awesome products I've bought, mostly from Avon, but these are the 'everydayers'. What makeup are YOU in love with??

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Rachael said...

LOVE that lipgloss - I'll have to order some - it looks like a really fun shade!