Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Little Things

Have you ever noticed how the littlest things in life can make you feel so special, happy, encouraged, and excited? And how the littlest things in life can do just the opposite?? For most of us, our days are filled with little things. We live simply among the mundane tasks and activities that make up our day in and day out lives. We have moments where those little things- an unexpected card or email, a good deal at the grocery store, a goofy grin from one of our children- they MAKE our day and help us realize that what we're doing does matter.

Sometimes though, the little things look more like this: A washer full of sopping wet clothes that is protesting the spin cycle, a little boy with a fever clinging to mama's leg, a canceled appointment, dinner burning....the list goes on, doesn't it? How easy it is to become discouraged on those days when the little things are more unpleasant than pleasant!

(Ok, this is the part where I stop talking in vague generalizations, and get real....hold on tight!)

These are the things that have been making me so discontent, frustrated, annoyed, and dare I say, even angry?! And I quickly feel so ungrateful. So discouraged and like such a big, whiny, sinner. In the last month, we've had a fallen tree removed from our deck, a replaced oven, and a new roof put on. For the last 4 days, Blake has had an unexplained fever that resulted in a trip to the doctor yesterday. The fact that it was labeled yet another VIRUS frustrated me to the point of tears...and I felt so stupid for even going in with him. And then today. Today, that I claim to be sweeter than I dared hope or dream...today, that IS sweeter than I can see right now. The washer broke.

My washing machine is not spinning.... but my head is! And in the BIG scheme of life, these little things too shall pass and in a few days none of it will matter. These are the times where my thirst for Christ is greatest. Where I feel that I've had my share of "salty oats" and am ready to GULP whatever thirst-quenching encouragement I can find in God's Word. These are the times that I find myself awake late at night thinking about the people in my life who are experiencing far greater trials than a broken appliance or clingy baby. These are the times I think how differently my life would be without God's grace to cover my unthankful whines and complaints, before I've thought of others ahead of myself.

Sometimes I need a big, fat perspective change so that I can have a big, fat HEART change! So, that's what I'm striving for the rest of today...to make it sweeter, to make it better, and to give in to God before I give in to stress or anger or frustration.

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