Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Hat for Everyday

For the last few months, our mornings have rarely begun without first finding the perfect headgear for the breakfast booster. Most mornings Blake ends up next to me in the "big" bed to drink his bottle of milk (and I squeeze in 10 more minutes of my much loved sleep!). From this spot Blake usually ends up spotting Josh's Detroit Tigers hat and eagerly points and jabbers until I get it off the over-the-door rack for him.

Other mornings the first hat Blake grabs is one of his beach hats, or his University of Michigan ball cap, or one of his hand me down Gap get the idea. But no matter which hat he decides upon, it's a morning must have before he can eat his waffle and juice!

I suppose he comes by it naturally...Josh loves that Tiger's hat even more than Blake-if that's possible- and I've been known to throw on a ball cap on those days my hair has decided to rebel. And I have to say, I think all those hats just make Blake's big brown eyes even bigger and browner...which I *Love*.

Since mere beach hats and ball caps are for amateurs, my little also has found that a sand bucket, a box for blocks, and mama's kitchen bowls work great too! So hats off to you my sweet melt my heart!

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