Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sprinklers of Blessing

What little boy can resist a running sprinkler and the mud puddles it's creating?? Not mine! Blake saw the sprinkler going out back tonight and didn't care about it's main purpose of watering the grass seed. He just saw something wet and fun! I love seeing him run under the water as it's getting closer and closer, only to wipe it from his eyes as soon as it hits him!

I think he's grown again this week....his legs are looking longer. Sniff, sniff* This mama loves seeing her little man grow, but on the other hand can't stand it! His personality just shines more and more each day as he jabbers away on and on telling us some story we can't decipher. He's SO boy too...full of curiosity, mischief, and silliness! But he's still a cuddler, a snuggler, a mama's boy; and for that I am so thankful and have chosen to soak in every moment. Even the ones where he yells repeatedly MAAMEEEEE, MAAMEEEEE- like he's got a french accent going on.

Water on my head!
Here it comes!
Aaaaa! It got me!
While we were in the backyard tonight, our neighbor in the house behind us came out to say hello. We'd never met him before, and what a delightful old man he is! I felt like there was such a connection right away- Josh and I stood talking with him for probably 20 minutes while Blake played in the sprinkler. His last name is Rood, and he told us he's "rude in name, but not in nature".....*so cute!* We invited to come over for dinner sometime- his wife passed away 8 years ago and I think he needs some company & we'll gladly give it! It was just a blessing sort of night I guess. Meeting someone new and watching my 16 month old love having the time of his life....it's the little things <3
What little blessings have come YOUR way this week??

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