Thursday, May 7, 2009

My organizing continues! I've been working on the drawers in our apartment, since they always seem to be overflowing with way too much stuff....

First up was the bathroom, and I came up with some inexpensive fixes to the very tiny bathroom drawers...don't they know girls need lots of room for their stuff?? These drawer organizers were only $1 for the big one and the same for the set of 3 smaller ones at the dollar store. They snap together and fit perfectly inside the drawer. I separated my bobby pins and hair ties, and used the others for miscellaneous bathroom items that needed a home and found their way into this drawer! There's still plenty of space on the side and back for bigger things that don't need to be contained.
The other thing I did in the bathroom was get some of my cosmetics out of the "too small" drawer and put them in these ice cream dishes! I very rarely have ever used these dishes, and pretty as they are they deserved to be out in the open! They worked great especially for my makeup brushes, and they are a fun and unexpected addition to the countertop. You could definitely do this with any quirky or odd shaped containers you have lying around the's a great way to organize all those little must-haves in the bathroom or for things like pens and pencils in the office!

The kitchen!! This room is by far the hardest for me to keep organized because there's never enough cabinet or drawer space for all the kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, utensils, and food! So I've gotten in the habit of putting things to work that otherwise would just sit useless on a shelf. I decided to dig out these plastic cereal bowls that we never use, and put them in one of my kitchen drawers to help keep track of all those little chip-clips and cookie cutters. It's really helped with keeping this drawers neater, and makes finding clips for the open bags of crackers and chips way easier! That's the goal =)

Next up....more domesticity, what do ya know! I found some great deals at the local barn sale, and will be giving them a new life, a la junking style. I'm very excited to break out some paint!

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Bri said...

Mo you're awesome! I think you should come organize my closet for me... seriously. By the way, I think the Barn Sale is coming up again next week, and we should definitely go. I'm hoping to find a bookcase this time.