Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Organizing 101

Since it's Spring Cleaning time, I thought I would post some pictures of a few of my projects, and some helpful organzing tips that have been a great help to me in keeping everything in it's rightful place! My linen closet had been driving me crazy for weeks-every time I opened the door something would fall out!

This is an "after" picture of the closet, once I had put to use some of the organizing baskets, tubs, and other tools. I visited our local dollar store and found some awesome deals....

These tubs were $1 each and work great for collecting all the miscellaneous items that need a home, but always end up stuck on a shelf in the closet. I bought 3 of them, and assigned each one to a specific type of item- one has our cameras and other electronic devices in it; another has extra bathroom and toiletry type essentials in it; and the third one is storing small seasonal decorations on the top shelf, since they are used so infrequently.
Another great investment I made quite awhile ago was a label maker. I found this set of 4 shoebox size containers at Meijer for around $7-8, and have filled them with birthday cards, letters and correspondance, and other 'sentimental' items I can't part with. At least they're organized! Each one is labeled accordingly, and it looks great in the closet to have everything stacked neatly and boldly proclaiming their contents for all to see!

I've read over and over in magazines and books that being organized doesn't have to cost millions! This trunk was from Hobby Lobby a few years back for around $12, and not only does it look cool, it is perfect for storing odds and ends of all kinds. I first bought it to use as a sewing box in college, and now it's found a home in my linen closet! The size of it is also great for hiding all the other things on that shelf behind- a little strategic placement goes along way! The idea is perfect for any area in your home, for just about any use- CD's, mismatched socks, extra bathroom supplies, magazines, lunch snacks in the pantry-the list goes on and on!

Tune in next time....the bathroom and kitchen are next!

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Bri said...

You are the organizing queen, Mo! Want to come do my closet?