Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Update

Well friends, I promised to tell you about our weekend trip to Detroit 
and never managed to get a post together!
Tomorrow is the day. Promise....for real. 
Here's a sneak peek from the Red Wings game...

Last week, I shared an amazing Etsy shop with you.
Grace For Grace
The winner of that fabulous giveaway will be chosen this Wednesday...

But today, I want to tell you more of Tiffany Rachal's story...the talented designer of Grace For Grace. 

Tiffany is a California girl...married for 7 years and mommy to a sweet 3 year old boy. 
She is a teacher...but uses her teaching skills in an
unconventional way. 
As a result of budget cuts in her school district, Tiffany was laid off as a first-year teacher and has not
had her own classroom since. 

This is what she shared with me about that experience....enjoy!
"Earlier this year, I went through some depression that I never saw coming. I had earned my elementary teaching credential in 2007, substitute taught for awhile and was finally placed in my own classroom in 2009. I was laid off from that teaching position as a first-year teacher, and because of budget cuts I haven't had my own classroom since. I was questioning my purpose and I constantly found myself asking God, 
'Why am I still out of the classroom? 
I thought this was the calling that you had on my life. 
Why God? Why?'
After keeping it bottled in for some time and allowing myself to grow bitter and depressed, I finally let my husband know about the seriousness of my questions and desperate need for prayer.
We prayed together and that same night my husband helped me realize that my call to be a teacher 
didn't have to be confined to the walls of a classroom. 

He had always encouraged me to open an online shop, and through my husband, the Lord helped me to recognize that through my paintings I was still teaching. 
...Teaching His word through art!

The Lord called me to be a teacher back in 2003. It's now 2011, and although this mode of teaching is 
so far from what I had ever imagined
His plan is always perfect and He always works all things together for my good. 
My son goes to sleep at night and even after a long day of keeping up with his energy, I am still up into the wee hours of the morning...energized, completing and packing orders, starting new items, painting with worship music playing in my ear buds, and just
soaking in His words and promises. 

I'm thankful that I was obedient and didn't ignore this opportunity. I'm truly walking by faith, not by sight. 
And until the Lord says otherwise...I hope to continue to use the artistic gift that He's blessed me with to 
be a blessing to others!


Such a sweet story, isn't it?
I have been so blessed to have met Tiffany and hear her story. 
Ten percent of each sale in her shop goes toward supporting 
Neetu, a seven year old girl living in India.
"Sending money her way through World Vision helps to tackle the poverty that surrounds her and
assists in providing food, shelter, clothing, disease-free water, and most importantly
a brighter future knowing that...
Jesus loves her."

Remember, you have one more day to enter the giveaway that Tiffany is doing for us.
(Click here to enter)
And don't forget to take advantage of the coupon code to her lovely shop before it's too late!

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