Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Front Porch

Today I'm linking up with Gussy absolutely gorgeous blog full of inspiration and whimsy. I love the ruffly tote bags, clutch purses, and other loveliness that Gussy Sews offers in her store!! You can check her out here!

The inspiration for today's link up is the Front Porch...a perfect place to sit and chat- so let's do it, kay?!

This is the house I grew up in on the west side of Grand Rapids, Michigan:

I will always think of it as home. My sisters and I spent hours on the enclosed front porch playing house, barbies, roller-skating... it was divine! When we were little, my older brother Owen, and 3 of my sisters- Katie, Colleen, Brianna- and I loved to Spring Clean the front porch. (Ok, that's probably another element of big family oddness...just so you know*) We'd get out the bucket and rags, and we'd argue over who got to spray the windows with the Windex. The older ones usually won out!

I have so many happy memories about that porch...on the hot summer nights before central air, we would all pile into sleeping bags and sleep with the wrap around windows open, bringing in the cool night breezes.

It was the perfect place to watch a thunderstorm, sit with my nose in a book, or nosily watch the neighbors without them knowing (wink*). I remember lots of times seeing my mom out on the porch visiting with a neighbor who'd stopped by. And the front porch kept all our Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies chilled in the winter months when we ran out of fridge space.

At a time in life where cookie cutter housing developments are the norm, and you're more likely to see a tiny front stoop than a big ol' rambling front porch, it makes me miss the friendly nature and open invitation to stop by and visit that a porch brings! I dream of a big farmhouse with a wrap around porch, wicker chairs, friends visiting, a cool breeze, and mason jars of lemonade. Someday friends...someday!

Here's some more sure to stop by Gussy and enjoy her bloggy bliss! And if you're a blogger yourself, link on up girl!

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Anonymous said...

So many memories!!! i always loved scrubbing the brick under the windows with old toothbrushes, and of course fighting with Colleen over who got to stand on the ladder for the high parts:) pictures of the old house still make me teary... i love my sibs!!! ~ bri-bri