Monday, June 13, 2011


I am a klutz. This post will be picture-less for 2 reasons: First, there's nothing to picture. Well unless you invision my complete clumsiness and inability to fix reason for no pictures #2. Second, my camera lens has pathetically crawled back into it's hole after being dropped in the beautiful sandy beach of Lake Michigan.

Second confession: I am forgetful. My camera has resided in Ohio since I left it there mid-January after a rousing birthday party for some of my favorite littles- Jack and Addisyn. I've been using Josh's old camera, which is better than having nothing. But I was SO looking forward to taking some nice pictures to post with! Instead, on one of our fist excursions after I got my camera back, I dropped the poor thing right into a sandcastle. There's little hope! At least until I scrounge up enough fix-it money or convince Josh we needed a newer, trendier model anyway!

So, any future blogging may have to include copyrights of my talented sisters who if asked might just let me snag some of their amazing photography from the last 2 weeks! There's much to share...I'll do my best to convince them =)

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