Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?

Blake was born blessed with oodles of cousins. Some near, some far. We miss the ones who are far away, and LOVE when they come for a visit. We also LOVE having cousins close by...some old enough to babysit (wink, wink) and some that are just the right size for playing ball, cars, and er, um telephone??

I've learned quickly in the last few months that anything can become a telephone if you just put a little thought into it! Blake has been caught walking around with real cell phones- both working and not-, TV remotes, play hammers, a free daily pill sorter from Meijer (that's one for another post), and most recently...his sound machine. Yesterday I heard Blake jibber jabbering a long string of "words" which ended with "BRI". I looked over to see him walking through the kitchen with his sound machine up to his ear like a phone slash 80's boom box, talking away to one of his beautiful aunties!

I digress...back to cousins =) So on Easter we headed over to Josh's parents house in the evening. Blake's cousin Nolan is 11 months older than him and they have great fun playing together! It's so nice to have a little friend, a familiar face in the church nursery, and at times a partner in crime when you're only 1 and 2 years old.

They had each found a "phone" and were contentedly chatting away by the front door when we found them. It looked like a serious conversation, and who could resist 2 cute boys in their jammies! I wonder what they talked about...the Smarties and animal crackers in their Easter baskets? How much pizza they were each going to eat that night? What it would take to escape out the front door? One can only imagine! But it was fun to see Blake and Noly having such a good time just being buddies!

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