Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In honor of Josh's birthday today, I thought I would write the things that I love about my husband!

1. Josh makes me laugh. He has a great sense of humor, and can find the laughable in any situation life throws our way. There are many smiles and belly laughs in our home because of Josh's ability to find a joke to go with anything!

2. I married my best friend. Our paths intersected many times over the years, kind of the 6 degrees of separation. But once we officially "met" and became friends, it didn't take long to realize how much we enjoyed never being apart!

3. Josh is a caring and compassionate person. He has a heart for people to know the Lord, and I enjoy seeing him interact with people of all ages. We never go to Meijer that he doesn't see "someone" he knows or knew or went to school with.

4. Josh is very patient! He is quick to forgive and move on from an argument, and takes the high road many, many times.

5. He's going to be an awesome dad (someday-not today, do not read into this!!). Josh loves kids and at times is still a big one at heart. I know he will take pride in raising our kids and being a very hands on dad.

6. Josh rocks at helping out around our home. There are tons of times when he's cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the bedroom, and he does the majority of our laundry. He is a huge blessing to me!

7. He is handsome! I think he's the coolest guy ever, and I'm the president of his fan club.

8. Josh is my favorite person to hang out with. We love to take off and get out of our apartment, especially on the weekends. It doesn't matter if we're grocery shopping or house hunting or just running errands around town. He's good company and I love our companionship.

9. Josh is impulsive, which at times surprises me! I've come home many times to flowers at unexpected moments, and he's always up for a last minute adventure!

10. He likes the things that I like. We love coffee and going for walks. He likes to cook with me, and find a good deal at the store.

I love you Josh! And hope you have a happy day celebrating this new year of life! I'm so happy I get to share it with you!

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