Sunday, April 26, 2009

'Boomin', Babies, and Birthdays

April turned out to be the start of some very busy months for us! We have done a pretty good job of packing a whole bunch into the next 2 months ahead of us, so I'm looking forward to having lots to blog about!

Josh and I got to go to Winter Jam a little while ago in Grand Rapids at the Van Andel Arena. It was a fun night out downtown, and we got to see alot of different Christian artists and bands perform. Probably one of my favorites of the night was Francesca Batastelli, but by far the coolest was seeing Toby Mac! He did a whole bunch of sweet songs including "Boomin", which ended up being one of the only pictures from the concert that turned out decently in the dark arena!

Then on April 2nd we welcomed our newest little nephew (we have a total of 9 nieces and nephews between us now!!)....Nolan Mitchell Pikaart! He definitely looks like his dad, and big sister Kaila, and we are so happy he is finally here. Babies are so cuddly and nice to snuggle....sigh!

We're also in the middle of Birthday Marathon months in our families, with Nolan claiming birthday # 11 between the end of March and mid-May! As always, we've had lots of fun spending time with family and searching for just the right birthday presents for everyone.

Josh turned 26 on April 8th, which means once again I am not his "older woman" for the next 9 months =) We had dinner at Max & Erma's and dessert back home with some of his family, and enjoyed spending time together.

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