Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As you can tell, there's some changes happening around these parts...the first, made obvious by the goofy face of my sweet boy who somehow in the blink of an eye became big enough to be 
Big Brother.
We are blessed. 
We are overwhelmed with His goodness. 
We are wide-eyed at the prospect of a new baby,
while having just entered toddler-dom. 
It used to scare me. It used to make my heart ache with what would no longer be. 
I've changed...
my heart doesn't feel afraid anymore.
I feel joy. 
I feel hopeful. 
Because I know whatever the days hold- easy or hard- God is with me. 
He is good. 
And I can only live with gratitude for the abundance He's giving. 

"I will tell of the Lord's unfailing love. I will praise the Lord for all He has done. I will rejoice in His great goodness...which He has granted because of His mercy and love!"
Isaiah 63:7

You may have noticed too, some changes with my blog. 
Back in November, when I decided to take some time away it was both out of necessity and out of desire.
Let's just say that " morning sickness" was an all day event some days and blogging was not on the 
To Do List!
But more than just physically needing a break, my heart needed some time away to think and refocus. 
What is my purpose, my mission  for the time I spend in writing? 
Does it have worth? Value? 

When I began last spring to blog daily, my intent was to keep up with my family who live out of state. My intent was to do something I love and hadn't done in a long time. 
To simply write about the joys of the day. 
Funny how things can so quickly change course, huh?

Instead of stepping away from Facebook and focusing on my blog, I found myself at a place with
 two Facebook accounts, a Twitter account, and an Etsy shop. 
The demands were high. I felt the need to grow my followers, to run with the big guns of blogging.
But friends...it's just not me. 

I love to craft...but I don't have time to run my own small business online. 
My small business involves teaching piano three nights a week. 
I love to stay connected online...but I don't want to announce my every move by Tweeting fifty times a day. 
I love to write...but not at the expense of living. Enjoying. Being in the moment. 

So I'm stepping back. 
Back into blogging.
But away from what isn't working in my life. 

My heart feels so full these days. 
Call it emotions. Call it hormones. 
It's probably some of both. 
But more than that, it's simply being in a place of deep reliance on my Savior. 
It's the hiding away in the safety of His simplicity. 
It's being in tune with what He's doing, and where He's leading and calling. 
It's living simply. In the moment. 
With gratitude.
A life driven by a thankful heart. 
Thankful for all things...

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