Monday, October 10, 2011

My Day So Far

Finding time to write a blog post is sometimes harder than you'd think. At least it is when you're trying really hard to keep your priorities and responsibilities in the right order! And then when you find the time...well, it helps to have subject matter, wink*

I've read all the Getting Past Writer's Block and Blogging Tips 101 posts from other successful bloggers. Sometimes it just comes down to figuring out what's on your heart and how to put those feelings, emotions, and thoughts into something that makes sense to the people reading it!

I'm not quite there instead of forcing it, I'll just save it for a day when I'm ready and share what today looks like from where I'm sitting.

Midnight-ish, last night: Josh and I wake up on the couch and love-seat, respectively, and do the zombie-like walk to our room. We sleep. 

6 am-ish: I vaguely remember saying good-bye to Josh as he heads out for work. 

7:15: I wake up to Blake screaming, stumble into his room to pick him up, then lay back down in my bed with him beside me, for just a few more minutes

9:00am: Well ok, that was more than just a few more minutes. I'm not a morning person, what can I say??

10:30am: We head out for a visit to the music store. This goes well...the sales lady doesn't have to dodge a pacifier flying past her left temple because my son didn't throw a temper tantrum this time. 
We've made progress!

11:06am: Blake wants to play outside. I am pelted by 6 falling acorns while sitting on the stairs listening to Blake emphatically tell me he wants the stroller out of the trunk of the car. 
I fain ignorance. 
This leads to a melt-down....lunch, anyone?

11:32am: Cheese, crackers, apple, baby carrots, and milk. Blake signs All Done...and yawns. 
Diaper changed and we rock....

11: 57am: and rock, and rock, and rock...I lay Blake down in his crib. 
This is the part where I do the crazy-lady mad dash through my house, picking up everything from clothing, shoes, toys, and dishes to the Sunday newspaper. 
I start working on homemade soup for dinner. 
I eat a grape. 

12:34pm: Josh calls on his lunch break. I miss him. He misses me. It's Monday.

12:46pm: Blake is crying. I stop the microwave because I've learned that when you're making a Bechamel sauce and you get interrupted, the next thing in the Series of Unfortunate Events is a sticky, paste-like explosion to clean up. 

12:48pm: I lay down on my bed with Blake. Thankfully, this works (on a daily basis) to get a longer nap out of him. I do the shimmy- slide-and sneak maneuver to unwrap his arms from my neck, slide off the bed, and sneak out the door. Back to my soup. 

1:04pm: I eat another grape. Then I stir my sauce into my soup and pour it into the crockpot. Someday I will serve homemade soup with homemade bread. Today I am not that ambitious. 

 1:15pm: Laundry is started and I sit down to write. Um yeah, I got nothin'. This is my reality. 
It's not perfect, it's not glamorous, but it's mine.
And I wouldn't trade it with anybody.  

2:03pm: Post finished. Stomach growls...
Anybody want a grape??

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Katrina said...

I get writer's block ALL the time! Glad to know I'm not the only blogger who gets this :)

Debbie said...

For someone who has nothing to say, you wrote a very interesting post. I enjoyed it. A "Day in the Life" is always a good post to write. I've done the shimmy off the bed a lot with my 3 year old. She loves to take her nap in my bed.