Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Anniversary Card From My Husband

So there's this guy. 
Meets a girl.
(Great girl. Really great girl.)
Somehow wins her over and convinces her 
to marry him. 

One of the happiest of his life.

But the BEST thing is-
the happy days keep coming. 
Week after week.
Year after year. 

And even when life isn't perfect and wonderful, 
somehow she makes it better. 
Just by being herself.
Just by loving him like she does. 

And one day, it hits him. 
That whole happily-ever-after thing?
Maybe it's not just for fairy tales.
Maybe it does happen-
even to average guys like him. 

He may not own a white horse, 
but he got the girl. 
The BEST girl. 
And somewhere out there,
there's a sunset with their name on it. 

I love our story and I love you. 

Yes. I teared up as I was reading his card. 
Yes. He's more than I deserve. 
Yes. He's my best friend. 
Yes. I love him more now than I did the day I married him.
I do. 


Ashley said...

That is seriously the sweetest thing ever! Sounds like you have got yourself a great guy! Happy anniversary!

Holly said...

I LOVE that!! I always knew that man would make a fine husband to some lucky girl. : )

Lori said...

gorgeous.gorgeous.gorgeous. your wedding looks amazing. seriously. happy anniversary :)


gina said...

simply BEAUTIFUL and stunning!!!! WONDERFUL POST! Gorgeous tribute... I am coming up on a decade with my husband, wow...