Friday, September 16, 2011

Long Days, Fast Years

Today I am tired. Blake's been working on pushing through his last two teeth all week, and I'm at the point of not remembering things now...
 You know- the point where you wake up in the morning and go "Oh, there's a child in my bed", and you have no idea how he got there?  But I'm pretty sure at some point in the night I stumbled into his room, picked him up, and laid him down next to me...comatose. My mom told me before Blake was born,

The days will seem to go so slow at times,
 but the years will fly right by.

I'm realizing the truth in her words more and more these days! God gave me a busy, busy boy. He is effervescent, determined, curious, stubborn, and plain old ALL BOY! There are days that I wonder why I even attempt to clean or have an organized home...Blake is one of those kids that is 100% rearing to go from the minute he gets up in the morning until he lays his down at night. He plays hard and crashes hard!

Sometimes that makes our days seem really, really loooooong. On the flip side, it makes the weeks and months go sailing by- faster than I would like. 

So on days like today, when my body and mind are tired, I'm trying to learn that it's ok to wait an extra day or so for the toilet to get cleaned or the kitchen floor to get mopped. Because
  I'm not Wonder Woman. 
And because I have a little boy who's growing up right before my eyes....faster than I thought possible. Quicker than I can grab hold of. 
And I don't want to miss any of it.

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My Songbook said...

Cute! He does look like a hand full! Don't let him get that band-aid :)

hannah singer said...

amen! i am working on being in every moment, dont want to miss a thing either!!

sweet post. xo