Friday, September 30, 2011

Country Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

This is a Paula Deen recipe. Need I say more?
Be prepared for oodles of butter...

You can find the recipe here.  And then you can check out my 'adjustments' below.....

Yummy, gooey biscuit dough cut into quarters. I used the reduced fat Grand's biscuits to offset the butter! (Kind of like getting a Diet Coke with a Mickey D's value meal....just sayin'.)

Dip the biscuits in butter and then into the brown sugar/cinnamon mixture. 

Layer the biscuits in your casserole dish, then top with blueberries and rolled oats. 
Drizzle melted butter all over the top. 

I used freshly picked, Michigan blueberries and it was divine! I also substituted all of the butter for margarine. It still tasted amazing, and pants still zipped!!

This was so yummy for breakfast with scrambled eggs and orange juice....
So what have you been making lately?

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Happy Friday Friends....have a fabulous weekend **

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