Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dreamin and Wishin

I read blogs everyday. Beautiful, inspiring, uplifting blogs that make my heart smile and my creative energy meter ding with delight. But I end up feeling SOOO insecure and incapable of achieving the kinds of things my heart desires to!
I think to myself, "Well if I just go and get that extra can of spray paint then I could finish such and such a project." or "Oooo how fun! I would LOVE to experiment with that craft....but where would I start, what do I buy?".
Honesty moment, friends...I have dreams and wishes with no idea of how to see them through.
Can you relate? Are there things in your life that you really want to do? Things you want to try? Places you want to go?
My thought is this... Before we can accomplish the great ideas and big dreams we have, we MUST come to terms with who God made us and for what purpose! Right now I don't have a blog filled with beautiful photography, pictures of the trendy clothes and jewelery I'm wearing ( think juice stained t-shirt today), or inspiring craft ideas for you to try.
But what I do have is a dream and a BIG God who knows my heart. And I have a little boy whose big brown eyes stole my heart almost as fast as his daddy's big brown eyes. And he needs me...he needs me to love him and spend time with him and show him that his mama is a lover of God, and not a lover of the internet and blogs. For right now, that's my purpose. And what a wonderful purpose it is!
I may not post 3 days a week or dazzle you with my creativity and wit, but I hope that I can encourage you in some small way to just be you! Be who God made you to be. Be happy, be content, be thankful, be loving, be forgiving (especially of yourself!) I am walking the road too...
So here's my list (did I mention I love making lists?) My bucket list of dreams....have you made yours?
1. Be a great wife.
2. Be a great mommy.
3. Do something inspirational with my life.
4. See my little(s) learn to love and obey God.
5. Go to Ireland.
6. Grow old with Josh.
7. Live in a big, rambling farmhouse with lots of open land.
8. Make our home inviting and warm. Fill it with friends and family.
9. Try gourmet cooking.
10. Learn to take great pictures.
11. Run a marathon.
12. Learn to sew (better than I have in past attempts!)
13. Put something 'crafty' in a craft show.
14. Learn to use more power tools.
15. Write a book.
16. Invent something cool and useful.
17. Take care of my parents when they are old.
18. Stop disliking my nose (it's ok, you can laugh...)
19. Finish the crocheted blanket I started 2 years ago.
20. Follow my Savior who leads my heart.
I'd love to hear from you! Will you share your "list"?

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