Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Favorite Time of Day

Truth be told, I am not an early riser. My inner clock likes to stay up late and sleep late too. I don't remember alot of times in my life where I've been able to live by that kind of schedule though!

First it was being a school age kid. Up, dressed, and ready for breakfast with my siblings at home. Then it was college where "first hour" classes meant skipping breakfast and sometimes a shower just to grab a few more precious minutes of sleep. After that I joined the real world and a full time job had me going to bed by 10pm and rising in time to look adequately chic for the day!
It's not been until the last few months that I've settled into a late owl routine. And I have to shamefully admit....I love it. I know there's people out there who totally believe in the early to bed/early to rise philosophy, and I completely respect that. There's others who are saying right now, 'Yeah, just wait til you've got more kids/older kids/early morning kids'.

And I guess that's my point....right now it's just me and Blake in the mornings after Josh leaves for work. Blake usually wakes up around 7am and Josh will bring him in to lay down by me in bed and drink his morning bottle of milk.

This is my favorite time of day.

Why? Because now instead of thrashing around and poking my facial features, Blake will snuggle in close to his mama for a good hour and sometimes doze off right by me. We wake up slow. He reaches over to put his little hand on my face and curls up in a ball under the covers. It is sweet and I hate for it to end. Sometimes I just lay quietly by him and talk to God- just to say thank you for these times. The times where I am reminded of the great gifts in my life. The times where I'm not thinking about the goldfish crackers smashed into the carpet or crayon marks down the side of the t.v.!

It never lasts much longer than the last drip of milk in his bottle, and we are up for the day. All it takes is that little hand taking out his bink, looking at me with those big brown eyes, and saying 'Mmm nummy yummy'? And I know there's a rumbly in his tummy waiting for breakfast.

But until that first jabbery sentence of the day, I'm content to snuggle my not-so-baby-anymore boy.

~Is it morning already?~

~That's how I feel too little man!~

~Shoes & a hat make breakfast much better~

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