Wednesday, May 11, 2011

18 Months Later....

I'll be the first to say that I am the type of person to start something and leave it unfinished for extended periods of time...I freely admit it! But the great thing about writing is that it evolves over time the same way our lives do. It's forgiving. It's freeing. It's available whenever I decide to pick it back up.
So here it is...I'm picking it back up.
We welcomed that " All Boy" into our lives in March 2010, and 14 months later, he is a daily delight. We've made our way through all things baby, and have found oursleves entering the unknown realm of "Toddler-dom"....dun, dun, dun! The language is at times indecipherable, but what fun it is to see the joy on Blake's face as he sees another truck or doggie.
We are so blessed in this life! I am constantly reminded of how much I've been given, and how abundant the storehouse of God's grace is. I could not ask for more! My hope is to start faithfully blogging again and to use this as a way for you all to see pictures and updates. And maybe, just maybe, be a way for me to comfortably say farewell to the "Facebook" world for awhile at least!
Thanks for reading!

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