Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Fleeting Summer

I can not believe it is mid-August and the last time I blogged was the end of May! Where has the summer gone?? I figured I'd just try to sum up a few major events, and before we know it fall will be here and hopefully life will have settled back into a day to day routine. I know that alot of people really truly love the summer and it's freedoms, but the coming of fall and knowing that the things that remain the same year after year after year, are still there, is a great comfort to me! The smell of crisp air, apples to pick, leaves to rake, sweaters to put's such a romantic time of the year to me =)
But before I get carried away....Here's a few of the highlights!The fam helped celebrate my Mom's birthday towards the end of May with a picnic at Whistlestop Park. We had all brought a different dish for eating, and some of the guys set out the bean bag toss game to play. By the end of the evening, everyone had retreated back into my parent's house for dessert....the winds were way too cold for any of us that night!! It was the finale of what is known as "Birthday Season" to my family, and the kick-off of a very full and eventful summer for us as well. And just for the record...since this is about her birthday...I have an awesome Mom, and I am thankful for the gift that God gave to my family in her.

July 11th was a special day for my sister Colleen...she got married! She and "her Josh" were married in an early afternoon ceremony, right out in my parent's backyard. It was a just about perfect day once the sun came out, and the wedding was really beautiful. Josh and I were the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies, so we did lots of running around for most of the morning...but I think I can say the day went off without a hitch. And most importantly the bride and groom are finally married!! They are living in the area for now, as Josh contemplates going into the air force. So we're happy they're around for the time being, and are wishing them the best in all they set out to do in the next few months!

Probably the last major event of the summer for Josh and I, has been buying a house after many months of walk-throughs and debates and discussions! We are waiting to close on a ranch-style, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home in the South Wyoming area, which should end up being an ideal location for us. The offers have gone through, inspections finished, and if all goes as hoped, we should be moving to our new home in the next 6 weeks or so! And hopefully never moving again for a long, long time =) Our biggest motivation for looking right now at first was a convincing incentive by the federal early June we had an even better motivator! Baby Polderman will be making his or her arrival around the first week of March, and we are totally geeked to be starting a family, and to be able to move into a bigger space than the 2 bedroom apartment we were looking at!! And, just to add a little more God timing into things....I'm due 5 weeks after my sister Katie is due with their #2!! How cool is that =)

Ultimately, once again I have come to the realization that our biggest hopes, dreams, and plans pale so significantly to the ones that God has for His children, and He so graciously pours out on us every day! I stand amazed at the changes in my life over the past 2 years...married, house, and baby on the way...and it seems unfathomable to me that so much good could come in such a short amount of time. My prayer is that I will remain grateful for all I have been given, and that God will use these gifts and the joy they bring to my life to be a springboard for His glory! the way...I finally did paint that bookcase =) Pictures are on the way, but until then...
Love & Hugs from Mo!