Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIWW: My Sisters' Closet Edition

I'm raiding my sister's closet this week....
well, more so her suitcase.
Colleen is visiting until this Saturday and I've borrowed her uber cute clothes.
And I'm wearing some of Brianna's pass-alongs too...

Shirt: Mark for Avon- from Bri
Leggings: Target
Denim Flats: Zoe&Zac for Payless
Headband: Hand made by yours truly

Colleen's Clothes!
Red Undershirt: a.n.a for J.C. Penny
Brown Sweater: SO
Jeggings: Sonoma

Colleen's Dress!
Undershirt: mine, from local store
Dress: Nicole by Nicole Miller
Shoes: Target

If this was my dress, I'd wear it all the time...

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Rachael said...

THAT DRESS!!!!1 HOLY SMOKES!!!! Now that's what I'm talkin' bout! Also, LOVE the tunic and leggings - man, I could LIVE in leggings if I had half the opportunity.