Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Yarn Wreath

I can not take credit for what you are about to behold...but I wish I could!
There are lots and lots of tutorials out there for making your own wreaths...
this one is from Danielle, the lady behind the blog, Take Heart.

I like her tutorial the best because of the step by step directions she gives...sometimes I need a little extra help, what can I say??
You can check out her original post by clicking here.

So here's what my sister Colleen and I came up with after being inspired by Danielle!

Awhile ago my purse got stolen...with my Blackberry inside.  
(Click here to read the story!)
Colleen, being the awesome sister that she is, offered me her Blackberry after upgrading to a different phone....and I of course politely said No Thank You.
Just kidding!

So in exchange for her Blackberry, she wanted a wreath. 
A pretty fall wreath to grace their new door when they get to Pensacola. 
Like this one that I made a few months ago...

We decided to combine the best of both worlds. 
A yarn wreath, with a monogram. 

I'm totally making another one. 
And I will be selling them in my shop...
want one??
Click here to visit!


Erin @ {grace-filled} said...

How BEAUTIFUL!! :) Bravo! Talented lady ;) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and linking up this weekend! ;)

Kelly said...

So cute! I'm totally inspired to try this now.

danielle @ take heart said...

I love it! So beautiful. Thank you again!