Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Heat Curls

Living in the great state of Michigan is one of the greatest blessings I know. Having 4 separate seasons is Uh-Mazing....especially being able to see the gorgeous fall leaves changing color. I would even go as far as to say that the winter's really aren't that bad (and this is coming from the person who's driveway becomes a sledding hill anytime we get snow!)

But what I literally can not handle is the Michigan summer's humidity. Or I guess to clarify what the Michigan summer humidity does to my hair. My hair and I have always seemed to have a certain love/hate relationship. I love the color most of the time. I even love that I can style it straight or curly on any given day. But it's very rarely ever been a quick process. And now that my hair's gotten thinner (I really should figure out how to bottle those pregnancy hormones that left my hair thick and luscious for 9 months)'s just hard to know what to do with it! Should I have bangs in the front or bangs to the side? Long or short? Layers? Brighter red or strawberry blonde?

So in my perusing of some of my blogging faves out there the other day, I stumbled upon a post by Beautiful Blendings that may have just changed my whole strategy in the Warfare Against Humidity. The tutorial on No Heat Curls is a fabulous find, and one of the simplest and fastest ways I have ever put natural looking curls into my hair. (I know because I tried it last night...Josh made fun of my "tribal headband"- watch the video & you'll know what I'm talking about!)

My own naturally curly hair is tricky now that there's not as much of it. It easily goes flat or frizzy. For some reason though, this curl technique worked like a charm and I will definitely be doing it again! Take a peek....

So whatcha think?? I'd love to hear how it works for you if you decide to give it a go!

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Tara said...

SO happy to see that it worked for you! I'll be posting another one soon using a sock. Yep. Learned both methods from "The Paper Mama". She's fabulous.

Thanks for reading!

Xo. Tara